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Playmaker Kit

Posted 17th March 2024

In 2023, shortly after I had finished the Dino Chef : Tree of Stars prototype set, my wife and I got excited about another idea: what if there was a design toolkit that could help other people make their own games? 

It was a project that was very exciting and meaningful for many reasons; it was a product I could reasonably manage and launch as a solo developer without incurring too many risks and logistical complications. 

Most of all, it had a deep societal benefit (potentially), both for our local game industry and our creative souls. 2 Poached Eggs' PLAYMAKER KIT was born!

On sale now at!


The Playmaker Kit is composed of three game design packages, and a set of custom design Sketchies!

The first of three packages inside the kit, called "A Dose of Luck", is a must-have for all role-playing games: a set of seven polyhedral dice! It's neatly packed inside a test-tube, along with 20 coloured plastic coins. 

Polyhedral dice are extremely handy since they cover a range of probabilities from 5%(d20)  to 25%(d4). If you are looking for some quick randomness or a "fair" way to resolve events, just shake and roll! 

The coins serve as counters, in case you need to quickly keep stock of things, but they can be easily modified for other purposes with a marker or sticker!


Available in all kits

Next is a little packet of surprises, called the "Bits Arcana", which is a collection of various bits and tools I found particularly useful in prototyping games over the years. With a little creativity, you could use the components in Bits Arcana to come up with new ways to play!

For example, the vinyl stickers could be stuck on the polyhedral dice or coins to modify its meaning or probability. The spinner could be used to generate randomness via an intuitive approach, rather than a mathematical one. The standee bases could be used to prop up a drawing of your avatar or enemies!


Available in all kits

The third package is a set of custom designed "blank canvas" playing cards called the "Gem Deck". There are four designs, and 10 copies of each. The cards are 300gsm, high quality art stock and ideal for drawing/painting (on either side). You could use them to write rules, or design your own custom trading card games. Unlike the other two packages, you can order more of these cards on their own. 


Available in all kits

Each kit also comes with a set of custom designed sketchpads called "Sketchies"; currently there are 6 different designs! Each Sketchie has a different design template printed on it, and there are 100 pieces per sketchpad. 

The key concept behind the Sketchies is about capturing and nurturing "Little Ideas". It is no small feat to put together a whole game, especially if it comprises of several systems working and interacting together. Every finished product that reaches the hands of players is actually built up slowly out of hundreds of little ideas. Each little idea starts out as a little spark of inspiration, or an acute observation, incomplete and in need of further development. 
After over a decade of witnessing grand ideas poured out onto boundless canvases, I found that focusing on a little bit at a time yields greater potential. So I designed a set of A5 sized design sketchpads for this purpose. 

So who exactly is this product meant for? Who uses it, and how is it used? Well, for one thing, the kits do not come with a physical guidebook or rulebook. Ideally, the contents are there to compliment your ideas, and not force you to use them in a particular way. 

For example, the Sketchies-S could be used to design a prize generator using a spinner, or it could be used to design the attack range of a robot's weapons.


How you use it is up to you!

Of course, some people do perform better under a structured approach to design, and there are those who are new to the process. To help them get started, digital guidebooks and rulebooks are available for download; they are free! Anyone can read these and follow along, whether you are on a school holiday and looking to have a little hobby time, or a working professional looking to build a game for the first time!

The digital books are designed to be easily printed at home, text is kept to a minimum and there are plenty of instructional graphics. For free! Even if you don't buy the kits, you can still download them for a look.

Well, that's everything for an overview! I plan to write another article about my thoughts on the project and some of the things that happened in its development! For now, it's kind of a soft launch, and I only have a small quantity of these kits. The first wave I hope to reach are designers I've worked with over the years and friends to get some feedback for improvement!

Once again - On sale now at!


Thanks for reading this and for the support!


Playmaker Kit Online Store


The Complete Kit - 18cm x 11.5cm x 10cm(h)


The LITE Kits, available in 3 colours - 18cm x 11.5cm x 6.5cm(h)

Copyright @ 2 Poached Eggs

Photo credits to my lovely wife, who did an amazing job setting up the backdrop and the shots!

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Thanks for reading!

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