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New Videos for a New Channel

Training #GameDevelopers in #DigitalContentCreation is a complex process because there are many concepts to convey and long, complicated sequences of things to click. That is why making videos for them is an integral part of my process: comprehend first, review later.

Not including the videos recorded for my online lectures, I have created around 400 tutorial, how-to-fix and feedback videos for my students over the past 4 years. Below, I've included a few samples of these in the video below. In order to help them realise the vision for their games, I've had to provide both foundational training as well as special lessons custom-tailored for their needs.

This year, I have decided to launch a new Youtube channel, and make properly edited videos for the public. It'll be a good platform for me to update some of the videos I've made before, as well as to make new videos for the next generation of digital content creation methods! "Subscribe if you like!"


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