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  • Jonathan K

Reality Plus

Between 2014 & 2016, I ventured into #AR #VR #XR development as a Producer and led a young, capable team of creators. Together we ran a hectic schedule of developing over 30 projects(I lost count to be honest), both large and small for corporations like Singtel, Starhub, Accenture, Singapore Tourism Board and various malls, hotels, museums and schools.

It was certainly a different experience from developing games, where you spend years investing creative efforts and polishing your product to perfection. The AR/VR industry at the time challenged me and my team to provide full hardware/software solutions for clients within short deadlines and fixed budgets. Working in this realm required interfacing with subject matter experts and interpreting their needs while providing a great user experience. I was grateful for my game development experience which prepared me for this, and having a wonderful team to support me.

The video is a little long, and poor quality, but I hope you'll watch to the end!


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