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The Ten in a year of Nines

This post is a little late, but there was a lot to think about this year. It was another great one, busier than the last, and had extreme highs and lows. Time to be grateful for the former, and accepting of the latter.

2019 was my tenth year wedding anniversary with my first and only love, today we celebrate our eleventh! It was also a year where my wife's jewellery studio made leaps and bounds in her fine jewellery lines, which featured diamonds and now, genuine pearls and gemstones as well. It was an eye-opening journey into this secretive industry as I accompanied her on trips to meet veteran craftsmen and gemstone merchants. She inspires me everyday with her drive, passion, intellect and design sense. You can visit her gallery here:

Website/Online Store : EV.YE STUDIO

Instagram : @evyestudio

Facebook : @evyestudio

This was an exciting year of Nintendo Labo projects as Nintendo released their Vehicle kit as well as their VR kit. The latter was particularly awesome for me as Nintendo seemed to have been the only ones who successfully made VR both accessible and fun, and well integrated into their Switch platform. Don't just take it from me; I was able to share it with people at the 2019 Unite event as well as with students in my Nintendo Switch module, and everyone had a great time with it.

Another major milestone this year was I got to run Digipen's analog games module this semester. Though I'm not an analog gamer, it still felt pretty intuitive to teach the basic principles of game design through the medium. Not to mention it was super fun to watch them develop their games from prototyping to finished product. They put a lot of heart into it, this country has so much potential to deliver great content. As a side project, I put together a camera and lighting rig for them to properly document their projects. The rig is a little scrappy at parts, as it went through a couple of iterations, but it worked pretty well.

Next side project that I had a lot of fun with, and with the help of my wife too, was the Voice Box! The idea came up together with my colleagues to give the students a better way to capture voice-overs when they didn't have access to the professional sound room. After a couple of iterations and a lot of research, this was born! It uses heavy chipboards, screwed together to make a box. There are acoustic foam on the inside to deal with reflections and reverbs, and sound deadening foam on the outside to isolate atmospheric noise together with the heavy chipboard. Pair this up with a good quality microphone, and iPhone's Garageband, you get a pretty portable and easy to use voice recording station!

3D printing is nothing new, I have managed projects involving a custom magnetic snap-on VR glasses and high fidelity character resin prints before, but this year a colleague helped me get a super affordable(S$70!) printer, so I got started on a few fun home projects. I had to rip off its kid-friendly casing to fit the home decor first.

To round off the year, I did another round of photogrammetry with my wife's help. She took the pictures, Agisoft did the heavy lifting and I just sat pretty as a model. The result was fast, and pretty good. I had a few ideas for other projects involving this in 2020. The best part of 2019 was actually the games. My goddaughter, niece and nephews are all finally old enough to try brainier games, even my wife found something she liked! It has kickstarted a new era for me personally, as I'm planning game nights and D&D campaigns now. Here's to another awesome year ahead.


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