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Repurposing Parts

Posted 3rd June 2022

After tearing down my cardboard arcade cabinet, I wasn't quite finished with the PVC frame just yet. Despite its simple design, I actually went through a lot to put it together!

I had a project on my mind for a long time, and the PVC frame gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out. Here is the result, a photography station for taking pictures of documents:


Oh snap!

It started out as a project for a webcam stand to capture my desktop while I ran my analog game design online classes, but the frame was too small for that. I pivoted on that and set up my Olympus Pen Epl-7 with 45mm prime lens instead. Together with a flat LED panel and a button trigger, snapping was easy and the pictures turned out nice!

It was pretty easy putting this together, as some of the clamps and camera supports came from my Physically Based Rendering texture photography rig, and I had the light from my online meeting setup.


My joysticks and buttons found a more permanent home - even though I'm a big fan of working with cardboard and prototyping stuff, I had to admit that it's hard to beat clear perspex. especially when you've got buttons that light up! The clear perspex casing was ordered online, so I merely assembled it! Still felt good, though!

Time for some serious retro-gaming!

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